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12 AWG True GA Speaker Wire 50 FT Red Black Zip Power Ground DS18 Ultra Flex

by DS18
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12 Gauge 50 Feetå‰ÛÊThis Is Hand Rolled from the 1000 FT Spoolå‰ÛÊ
I will Hand Roll It and Zip Tie IT.
å‰ÛÊGood CCA Wire but is TRUE AWG Size Wire
å‰ÛÊ40% Copper 60% Aluminum
Super Flexible See Through Red Blackå‰ÛÊå‰ÛÊ
Can be Soldered
Can Be Used For:
6 to 80 Volt Power and Ground
DC Power Supplies
Led Lightså‰ÛÊ
And Much More!

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