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DS18 Car Audio Passive 2 Way Crossovers for Two Way Speaker Tweeter 300W PRO-CFX

by DS18
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DS18 Car Audio Passive 2 Way Crossovers for Two Way Speaker Tweeter 300W PRO-CFX

With DS18's PRO CFX, you can make your own passive setup and use the speakers of your choosing for an amazingly full sound. This is a 2 way passive crossover that lets you choose a mid woofer 8" and under for the midrange and a tweeter for the high range. The crossover is rated for 300w RMS so you will be able to get great sound at a high volume with great frequency crossover point accuracy. These are the perfect addition for anyone looking to add a passive crossover utilizing only 1 channel on your amp and separate a full range signal for both components.

- 2 way design that allows you to add a midrange and tweeter while it passively filters the frequencies for both.
- Utilize 2 speakers on 1 channel of your amplifier while filtering out unneeded frequencies and help each speaker complement overall sound quality.
- Rated for high power speakers for a total of 300w RMS so you will also have loudness with great sound quality.

This listing includes:
(2) DS18 Passive 2 Way Crossovers PRO-CFX

Passive Crossover Ways: 2-Ways (High and Low Frequency)
Frequency Crossover Point: 3.5KHz (@ 4 Ohms)
Power Handling: Up to 300 Watts
Cut-off Slope: 12dB/Oct
Tweeter Attenuation: -3dB/-6dB
Top Cover Material: Steel
Bottom Cover Material: Clear Acrylic

Capacitor Type: NP Mylar
Coil Type: KSV
Terminal Type: Screw-On
Housing Material: Metallic housing + Plastic side covers + Clear Acrylic
Adjustments: Tweeter Attenuation

Overall Length: 6.3“ (160mm)
Overall Depth: 3.5“ (88mm)
Overall Height: 1.5“ (38mm)
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