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3 ft 2 Channel Shielded Twisted RCA Audio Cable DS18 RCA3FT

by DS18
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Brand new 3' RCA cable. This is a 2 Channel Twisted Premium Audio‰̦ۡ_‰ۡó¢‰̦ۡ_ÌÎ_

Interconnect cables manufactured by DS18.‰̦ۡ_‰ۡó¢‰̦ۡ_ÌÎ_

This is a great quality RCA Interconnect Cable.‰̦ۡ_‰ۡó¢‰̦ۡ_ÌÎ_

This can be used in car audio applications as well as home theater,‰̦ۡ_‰ۡó¢‰̦ۡ_ÌÎ_

camcorders, DVD, home audio sub woofers, and much more!

2 Channel Shielded Twisted

Premium Audio Interconnects

Competition Rated

Ultra Flexible

Noise Rejection

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