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DS18 Bass Package 2 x 12“ Subwoofers 3000W Ported Box /w 1Ch Amplifier & Amp Kit

by DS18
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DS18 Bass Package 2 x 12“ Subwoofers 3000W Ported Box /w 1Ch Amplifier & Amp Kit

The DS18 ZR212LD-PKG is a handpicked package made to help users take their first step on their journeys through sound. We’ve loaded this package with the essentials needed to achieve hard hitting heavy bass: Twin 1500 Watt ZR12.4D Subs, the 6000 Watt Peak ZR2000.1D Amp, and a user friendly Thicc 0GA installation kit.

We’ve also included the ZR2000.1D Amplifier which helps all your subwoofers reach their maximum potential to deliver brilliant sound and intense bass frequency responses. It’s also equipped with Lowpass and Subsonic filters for finding the perfect frequency to maximize your listening experience. The included bass knob helps regulate the weight of your bass with only the turn of a dial.

- The box is constructed of thick 3/4 inch MDF for great strength, resonance, and tuned to 29hz for low and hard hitting bass.
- One ZR212LD subwoofer that will give you the cone area to push out great sounding bass with maximum efficiency.
- ZR2000.1D amplifier producing 2000 Watts RMS that maximizes your bass output.
Great For
- Car Audio.
- Pro Audio.
- Home Solutions.
- Hi-Fi Installation.
- Off-Road.
- DIY Projects.

This listing includes:
(1) DS18 Ported Box Subwoofer Enclosure ZR212LD
(2) DS18 12“ Subwoofers ZR12.4D (Pre installed)
(1) DS18 Monoblock Amplifier ZR2000.1D
(1) DS 18 Dash Mounted Remote Bass Knob (Included in Amplifier box)
(1) DS18 0GA Amp Installation Kit AMPKIT0

Speaker Type/Size: Twin 12“ Subwoofers
Nominal Impedance: 1 Ohm
MAX Power Handling: 3000 Watts
RMS Power Handling: 1500 Watts
Sensitivity (1w/1m): 86dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 200Hz
Recommended Lo Pass Crossover: 70Hz

Voice Coil Diameter: 2.5“ (61.6mm)
Voice Coil Former Material: Aluminum
Winding Material: Copper
Cone Material: Non-Pressed Paper
Dust Cap Material: PPI
Surround Material: Foam
Basket Material: Steel
Magnet Material: Ferrite
Magnet Weight: 100 Oz

Internal Volume: 141.6L (5ft³)
Port Tune: 29Hz
Load Configuration: Ported Box
Box Type: Double 12“
Box Material: ¾“ (19mm) MDF
Finish Material: Black Carpet
DS18 Logo: Red Stitched
-3dB Dropping Point: 24Hz

Height: 14.48“ (368mm)
Width: 36.22“ (920mm)
Depth1: 19.68“ (500mm)
Depth2: 21.65“ (550mm)

Equivalent Volume: Vas - 21.2L
Excursion: X-max - 25mm
Free Air Resonance: Fs - 26Hz
Mechanical Factor: Qms - 4.8
Electrical Factor: Qes - 0.84
Total Factor: Qts - 0.71
DC Resistance: Re - 1.8 + 1.8 Ohm
Moving Mass: Mms - 299.7g
Compliance: Cms - 61.9µ m/N
Force Factor: BL - 8.6
Voice Coil Inductance: Le - 567.3m mH
Diaphragm Area: Sd - 502.73cm²
Efficiency Bandwidth Product: EBP - 30.9


Total Watts (Peak): 6000 Watts
RMS Power @ 4 OHM: 800 Watts
RMS Power @ 2 OHM: 1300 Watts
RMS Power @ 1 OHM: 2000 Watts

Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 220Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio:>95dB
Efficiency @ 4 OHM: 80%
Damping Factor: 220
Input Impedance: 20K Ohm
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.01%
Low Level Input Range: 0.2 ~ 6V
High Level Input: Yes
Selectable X-over: Fixed LPF
X-over Filter Range: 40 ~ 180Hz
Bass Boost Range: 0 ~ 12dB
Bass Boost Frequency: 30 ~ 80Hz
Infrasonic Filter: 10 ~ 50Hz
Phase Selector: 0 ~ 180

Amplifier Class: Digital
Amplifier Type: Monoblock Subwoofer
Number Of Channels: Single Channel
Minimum Impedance: 1 Ohm
Led Indicator: Clipping/Protect/Power
Power Input Terminal Size: 0GA
Recommended Fuse Size: 200A
Remote Level Control: Yes - Dash Mount
Thermal Protection: Yes
Over-Load Protection: Yes
DC Output Protection: Yes
Short Circuit Output Protection: Yes
Voltage Input Protection: Yes (9/)16V
Clipping Protection: Yes
Body Color | Finish: Black Alumninum Brush
LED Logo: Yes

Overall Length: 19.13“ (486mm)
Overall Width: 7.24“ (184mm)
Overall Height: 2“ (53mm)
Heatsink Length: 17.75“ (451mm)
Single Unit Weight: 8.1 lbs



- ANL Fuse Holder with ANL 250A
- Rubber Grommet
- 6 ft. 0GA Loom Tube
- 3 ft. Black Ground Cable: 53mm² OD: 15.8mm
- 17 ft. Red Power Cable: 53mm² OD: 15.8mm
- 17 ft. Red/Black Twisted RCA Cable
- 17 ft. Turn-On Remote Cable 20 x 0.15mm
- 17 ft. Red/Black Speaker Cable 3.31mm² x 2C OD 4.5 x 9.0mm

0GA Accessories Set:
- 10 Cable Ties
- 2 Ring Terminals
- 2 Spade Terminals
- 5 Small Spade Terminals
- 1 Rubber Grommet
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