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DS18 CAP5 5000W 5 Farad Capacitor + Complete 0 AWG CCA Amp Install Kit

by DS18
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DS18 CAP5 5000W 5 Farad Capacitor + Complete 0 AWG CCA Amp Install Kit

This listing includes:
(1) DS18 CAP5 5 Farad 5000W Capacitor
(1) 0 AWG Raptor Amp Kit

DS18 5 Farad Extreme Ion Capacitor Station

5 Farad Extreme Ion Capacitor Station
Amplifier style housing
Blue digital voltage/amperage display
Working voltage: 10V-18.8V
1 x 0GA amplifier style input
3 x 4GA amplifier style output
Amplifier style housing w/ white chrome and black satin finish.
Removable cover.
Heavy-duty platinum-plated bolt-down terminals
Remote input to turn on the display
IC Controlled Circuitry
Hardware Included
Automatically Alarms when the Voltage is Above 17.5V and Under 10V.

Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 3"

Keep your music at the optimal performance level every time that you crank it up.å‰ÛÊ DS18 has engineered a line of capacitors with ultra-low ESR for high current output, high ripple current capabilities, reverse polarity warning, and large 20-volt surge capabilities, which will keep your music clear and crisp at any level.å‰ÛÊThe brushed aluminum body, satin finish terminals, and great styling are sure toå‰ÛÊcomplement any installation for a price that will beat the competition every time!

Raptor 0 AWG Complete Amplifier Installå‰ÛÊKit With RCAå‰ÛÊ

CCA Spec Copper Clad Aluminum
17 ft 1/0 AWG CCA Power Wire
3 ft 1/0 AWG CCAå‰ÛÊGround Wire
17 ft Twisted-pair RCA Interconnects
17 ftå‰ÛÊBlue Remote Turn-on Wire
1- High Current ANL Fuse Holder with 150A Fuse
4 - Nickle Plated 1/0 AWG Seamed Ring Terminalså‰ÛÊå‰ÛÊ

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