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DS18 DSP8.8BT 8-Channel In and Out Digital Sound Processor w Bluetooth

by DS18
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The DSP8.8BT gives listeners unchecked control over every facet of their audio system. The DSP8.8BT gives you the control needed to handle and achieve the quality of sound you desire.

With audio filtration settings accessible directly from your phone, getting the crispest audio quality possible has never been easier. This also gives users the option to save presets for certain songs or genres allowing for the perfect listening experience one hundred percent of the time.

The DSP8.8BT gives you access to a great number of tuning options that can be adjusted using the DSP8.8BT Application on the App Store or Google Play. Each input can be adjusted and summed. You can save your options and multiple presets for 8 channels, @6db/octave to 48db/octave, and visualization for your actual and simulated EQ curve.

-Bluetooth connectivity to allow for easy and accessible audio tuning
-Easy to use software found on Google Play or the App Store to fine tune and monitor every aspect of your signal processing.
-8 RCA and/or HI-level speaker inputs
-8 RCA outputs
-31 band graphic equalizer
-Crossover adjustable on each channel from 6 to 48DB/OCT.
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