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DS18 LED-BTCDRM Waterproof RGB Dream LED Controller IP65 12V DIGITAL ONLY

by DS18
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DS18 LED-BTCDRM Waterproof RGB Dream LED Controller IP65 12V DIGITAL ONLY

The LED-BTCD (Dream Light Controller) is ONLY compatible with the JSUB.2 and all light up horns. This product will not work on any other RGB product. Now you can pair all your digital LED lights to DS18's all new LED BTCDRM! This module easily connects to any 12v system for precise control of all your new digital LEDs in your ride! With an easy download on the apple store or google play, you can control chasing, phasing, and more, all right from your phone with the DS18 app LED-BTCDRM app. This module comes with two extensions and can control your entire vehicle, if they are digital LEDs. Just hook up 3 easy wires to ground, power, and remote and you are ready to power and control up to 80ft of LEDs with one controller from your phone. The easy LED connections are a snap and you will be ready to stand out wherever you go!

- Bluetooth Solution For RGB DIGITAL LED Lighting ONLY !!
- Elegant design that retains very high durability with incorporated high efficiency heat sync.
- High quality circuit board to give the most power with the highest efficiency rate providing high power on demand.
- Easily tuned crossover and gain controls for the perfect sound settings in your vehicle.
- Designed For All Elements IP65 Rated
- BT 4.0 Faster Speed And Longer Range
- IOS Compatible Connect up to 7 Controllers
- Android Compatible Up to 4 Controllers
- 5 Amps Of Lighting
- Complete Waterproof Unit IP65 Rating
- 12 Volt Applications

***! Will NOT work with regular RGB Analog LED!***
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