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DS18 Vocteto 10" Ported MDF PRO-EXL108 PRO-DR450 Loud Box

by DS18
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The DS18 pro-box loaded is assembled in dual ported 1/2" MDF enclosure with port covers.
allow for you to change the frequency response and has a carpet finish with logo stitching
UV compliant high gloss polymer resin & fiberglass composite.
These boxes were carefully designed and perfectly tuned to accentuate the full spectrum of frequencies from the lows to the screaming highs.
This loudspeakers system is an easy addition for any audiophile looking to add full range sounds to their build.
This is an NON powered box and requires an amplifier to play.
DS18 Pro-Box Loaded Features
2 x PRO-EXL108 Mid Range Speakers
2 x PRO-DR450 Compression Drivers

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