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4" Midrange Bullet Loudspeaker 200W 4 Ohm DS18 PRO-X4.4BM

by DS18
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4" Midrange Bullet Loudspeaker 200W 4 Ohm DS18 PRO-X4.4BM

With strong midrange and clear high frequencies, these speakers deliver a concert-like audio experience without any distortion. Even better, the 1” 4-ohms voice coil handles high heat temperatures without breaking a sweat so you can blast your favorite music on a regular basis. Order the DS18 PRO-X4.4BM today to own powerful midrange speakers that will last for years and give an incredible audio experience every time!

The high 89.6dB sensitivity of the PRO-X4.4BM lets you crank up the volume without any sound distortion, while the 260Hz to 11.5KHz frequency provides richer and more accurate tones. These loudspeakers can also handle up to 100 Watts RMS, making it capable of consistent and heavy usage. Put this baby on max volume and enjoy extreme volume levels with crystal clarity!

This listing includes:
(1) DS18 PRO-X4.4BM 200W 4" Speaker

Impedance: 4 Ohm
Minimum Impedance: 3.2 Ohm
100 Watts RMS Power Per Speaker
200 Watts Max Power Per Speaker
Sensitivity: 89.6 dB
Frequency Response: 260-11.5kHz
Diaphragm Material: Aluminum
1." (25.9 mm) High-Temperature CCAR Voice Coil
Cloth Edge and Non-Pressed Paper Cone
Red Aluminum Bullet
Winding Material: KCCAW
Magnet Weight: 10 oz
Magnet: High Strength Ferrite
Color: Red
Basket: Steel

Overall Diameter: 114 mm (4.48 inch)
Baffle cut Diameter: 93 mm (3.66 inch)
Mounting depth: 56 mm (2.2 inch)

Loud & Powerful Music, Without Distortion!
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