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DS18 PWS100A AC 12V 10 to 16 Volt DC 100 Amp Power Converter RV

by DS18
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The PWS100A uses AC power to power equipment that requires 10~16 V DC Power.
The PWS100A converts standard 110~130 V AC household power to an adjustable 10~16 V DC power,
and supplies up to 100 amps of continuous power. (NOTE: A normal vehicle's electrical system provides around 13.8 Volts when the engine is running)
The PWS100A is a versatile piece of equipment that can used in several different applications, such as retail audio displays, show cars, and test benches.
The PWS100A features include
Up to 100 Amp Output Current
Adjustable Regulated Output Voltage 10-16 v
Amplifier Style High Current Output Terminal
Pulse Charging to Inhibit Battery Sulfation
4 Cooling Fans
Thermal and Current Overload Shut Off Protection

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