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DS18 Marine Grade 30" SoundBar Waterproof Speaker Bluetooth LED SBAR30BT

by DS18
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Active Amplified Stereo System With Bluetooth
For ATV/UTV Golf Carts & Jeeps
Plug & Play
30" Long In Total
DC12-15 Volt Input, 3.8 m Input Special Wires (FUSE, AUX IN, AUX OUT, RGB Input Wires)
Class D Amp
RMS Power: 160 Watts Each Sound Bar
Max Power: 320 Watts Each Sound Bar
Six 3" Speakers For Left and Right Channel
Two 1" Titanium Dome PEI Surround Tweeter with Horn Face Plate
Sensitivity: 95 dB
Frequency Response: 63 Hz - 20KHz
Bluetooth 4.2
IP65 Waterproof
Marine-Grade Compliant
Waterproof Paper Cone with Rubber Surround
Magnet: Y35 Ferrite and Neodymium Reversed Magnet
USB3.0 Waterproof Port For Remote
BT AMP Auto Turn ON/OFF Circuit
BT AMP High Temperature Protection
BT AMP Overload Protection
BT AMP Short-Circuit Protection
2" & 1.75" Mast Clamps, L Brackets, Remote Control