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Motion Sensor For Car Alarm Proximity Sensor Motorcycle convertible top sensing

by Scytek
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Dual Zone Dual-Adjust Microwave Motion Radar Sensor Model: MS-2 A̴åäÌÝÌ_
warning beep is signaled when someone is within the vicinity of the vehicle̴åäÌÝÌ_
After a set amount of warning beeps has been signaled, the car alarm will sound̴åäÌÝÌ_
Dual Adjust means you can adjust the sensitivity for interior and exterior̴åäÌÝÌ_
Provides interior and exterior zones of protection for the vehicle̴åäÌÝÌ_
When the exterior zone is penetrated a pre-warn signal is generated and sent to the security system's pre-warn input̴åäÌÝÌ_
When the interior zone is violated, the system immediately triggers a full alarm siren̴åäÌÝÌ_
This is from Scytek and for Scytek But, Can be hard-wired to a negative instant trigger sensor input on any alarm Brand

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