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PRV A1MHPRO 4100W 1 Ohm Amp Combo + 4 AWG Oxygen Free Copper Amp Kit R5AK4

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This listing includes:
(1) A1MH PRO 1 Ohm Amplifier
(1) Raptor 4 AWG Complete Amplifier Install Kit With RCA

PRV 4100W Full Range Monoblock Class D 1 Ohm Stable Amplifier w/ Bass EQ
3" x 9" x 9"
6.62 lbs
Impedance: 1 Ohm
Max Power: 4100W
RMS at 14.4V 1Ohm:3920
RMS at 12.6V 1Ohm: 3445
RMS at 12.6V 2Ohm:2050
Frequency Response: 5 Hz -25 kHz
Low Pass Filter: 80 Hz - 25 kHz
High Pass / Subsonic: 5 Hz - 80 Hz
Average Efficiency: 81%
Operating Voltage: 10V-16V
Recommended Fuse: 150A
Power / Ground Connections: 4 AWG
Speaker Terminals: 10AWG
Minimum Power Wire: 4 AWG
Minimum Speaker Wire: 10 AWG
Recommended Capacity of Battery: 305 Ah
Minimum Capacity of Battery:153 Ah
Signal Input: 1 pair RCA
Fan System: 1 Fan
Heat Sink Type: Cast Aluminum
Built-in bass EQ!
Bass Boost level: 0 - 12 dB
Bass Boos Frequency: 35 Hz - 70 Hz
Smart Fan controlled by audio signal!
Full Range Class D Amplifier!
Stable at 1 Ohm!
LED indicators for power, clipping and protection!
Compact Design!
4 Stage Intellegent Circuitry!
Cast Aluminum Brushed Heatsink Design!
This amp has it all!

Complete 4 Guage Amp Kit Amplifier Install Wiring OFC True AWG real 100% Copper
OFC Oxygen Free Copper Spec
17 ft 4 AWG OFC Power Wire
3 ft 4 AWG OFC Ground Wire
17 ft Pro Series Dual Twist RCA Cables
17 ft 18 AWG Remote Turn-on Wire
1- High Current MANL Fuse Holder with 100A Fuse

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