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Uniden DFR1 Long Range Laser Radar Detection

by Uniden
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Uniden Defender DFR1

The Uniden DFR1 is a Radar Detector with easy-to-read icon display. No matter what is lurking ahead or behind you, DFR1 radar detectors will protect you in both directions.


- X, K, and Ka band alarms
- Laser alarms
- Highway/City/City 1 modes
- Invisible to VG-2 and Spectre I/IV/IV+ radar detectors
- Mute alarm audio
- Memory feature saves user's last settings (except MUTE) when the unit is powered down/disconnected from power.


The DFR1 detects emissions from radar guns and sounds an audio alert for the driver. The detector determines which band range the signal is from and displays that frequency type on the display (X, K, Ka, or L). The signal strength (1 through 5) also displays as applicable. If there is a specific alert code, that is also displayed.


The DFR1 recognizes:
• X Band: This band was the first frequency band assigned to police radar. It operated on a lower frequency (10.525GHz) with a higher power output.
• K Band: This band is the most common frequency used in radar detectors (24.150). Its relatively small wavelength gives it a clocking distance of about 1/4 mile although, depending on the environment, it can detect up to 2 miles.
• Ka Band: Over the years, the Ka band incorporated the Ka-Band, the Ka Wide-Band, and the Ka Super Wide-Band. Most photo radars (also known as stop light cameras) use this band.
• Laser: Police use the laser’s narrower light pulses for speed detection as it is more accurate and faster. Laser beams are more detectable after they have bounced off their target and begin to disperse on the return trip.


The DFR1 operates in three modes:
• Highway. Provides audio and visual alerts any time all bands and laser are detected. Recommended for highway or rural driving. (X, K, Ka Laser)
• City. Provides audio and visual alerts any time all bands and laser are detected. Provides a stronger signal for the X band so it can pick up weaker signals. (X, K, Ka, Laser)
• City I. Similar to City mode, but no X band is detected. (K, Ka, Laser)

Included Items:

(1) DFR1 Radar Detector
(1) Straight 12V DC Power Cord
(1) Windshield Mounting Bracket
(1) Hook and loop fastener tape
(1) Spare fuse for DC Power Cord

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