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Viper Directed Install Essentials Digital Tilt Motion Sensor 507M

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Viper Directed Install Essentials Digital Tilt Motion Sensor 507M

This listing includes:
(1) 507M Digital Tilt Motion Sensor

The 507M Digital Tilt Sensor from Directed is ideal for protecting a vehicle from theft by detecting when the vehicle is being raised by a tow truck or lifted using a jack, in an attempt to remove the wheels or tow the vehicle. The 507M auto calibrates each time the alarm is armed, referencing the vehicle’s angle of inclination and ensuring the most accurate tilt sensing possible. The 507M is perfect for protecting vehicles with upgraded wheels and tires.

Directed's new solid-state, ultra-sensitive miniature digital tilt sensor can be integrated with most security systems to detect lifting or towing of your vehicle. The preferred enhancement to protect expensive wheels and tires, it can also detect attempts to steal the vehicle using a tow truck or trailer.

Vehicle security system sold separately.

Tilt / Motion Sensor
1 or 3 Degree Tilt Sensitivity
Adjustable Motion Sensitivity: Off, Low, Medium, and High Settings.
Adjustable Arming Timer: 10 Seconds, or 2 Minutes
Independently References Initial Vertical and Horizontal Inclination each time the Vehicle is parked
Detects towing and jacking attemps
Works with any security system

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