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Viper LCD 2-Way Security and Remote Start System 1/4 Mile + 2 DoorLocks 5305V

by Viper
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Viper LCD 2-Way Security and Remote Start System 1/4 Mile + 2 DoorLocks 5305V

This listing includes:
(1) 7345V 5-Button LCD Remote
(1) Control Module
(1) AAA Battery
(1) 7145V 4-Button Remote
(1) 514LN Soft-Chirp Siren
(1) Control Center / Antenna / Valet Button with Self-Adhesive Back
(1) DoubleGuard Shock Sensor with 4 Pin 24" Harness
(1) 5-Pin Harness with 39" and 51" Leads and two in-line ATO Fuses (10A - 15A)
(1) 3-Pin Door Lock Harness with Two 59" Leads
(1) 24-Pin Auxiliary / Shutdown / Trigger Harness with attached 18" + 39" + 78" leads
(1) 10-Pin Heavy Gauge Remote Start Harness with 32" leads and three 20A In-Line Fuses
(1) 10' Antenna/Receiver Flat Cable with 6-Pin connectors on each end
(1) Shut-down toggle switch with attached 18" leads
(1) Pin Switch with 0.25" male quick slide
(1) 0.25" Female Quick Slide
(1) Warning Sticker
(1) Owner's Manual
(1) Install Guide
(2) Viper Stickers
(1) SmartStart Promo Card
(2) DS18 RC-CLA2 Central Lock Actuator Door Locks

Start your engine from up to a quarter-mile away with this entry-level 2-way Viper remote start + security system. This system comes with a 4-button LCD remote and several features, such as keyless entry and SmartStart compatibility.

Up to 1/4 mile range
Backlit LCD display
Domelit Supervision
On-screen user interface
Viper SmartStart compatible
Status LED
Failsafe Starter Kill
Stinger Double Guard Shock Sensor
Revenger Six-Tone Siren
Onboard remote start relays
Separate ESP2 and D2D ports
Remote Confirmation: LCD Screen
Remotes: 1 4-Button LCD 2-Way and 1 4-Button 1-Way
Encryption: 66-Bit
# of Auxiliary Channels: 4

2x Universal Power Door Lock Actuator Car Kit 12 Volt Linear Motor Heavy Duty New
These power door lock actuators can provide a power door lock to a door that has manual door lock. 
The actuator responds to electrical signals from the alarm or keyless entry system and physically moves the 
vehicle's door locking rod to a locked or unlocked position. One of these actuators will be needed for each door you want to control.

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