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XS Power IntelliSUPPLY 60A Power Supply Battery Charger AGM 12V 14V 16V PSC60

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XS Power IntelliSUPPLY 60A Power Supply Battery Charger AGM 12V 14V 16V PSC60

This listing includes:
(1) PSC60 with LCD Screen and all cables

60A Power Supply supporting 12V, 14V, 16V with AGM Charge Mode

This power supply features a sleek on-board design, remote LCD display, three mode operation, XS Flex output leads and 120VAC (100-130VAC) / 230VAC (180-240VAC) AC Input. The IntelliSUPPLY is an advanced power supply unit and battery charger designed specifically for high performance lead-acid batteries. This power supply/charger uses MOSFET rectifier technology with an advanced microprocessor control board to create a battery charger and power supply that can rapidly and safely recharge 12V, 14V and 16V flooded, maintenance free, deep cycle, gel-cell, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries in several sizes. The wireless remote and digital display makes the IntelliSUPPLY very easy to use. The PSC60 can be used as a dual bank charger, meaning it has a secondary output that allows independent charging of two isolated batteries or battery banks. When using this feature, the charger will automatically sense how much current to deliver to each battery or battery bank and will provide different levels of current as needed to each until both are fully charged. This feature is designed for use on common voltage batteries only, so connecting a 12V and a 16V battery to one charger will result in improper charging of one of the batteries and may cause irreversible damage.

Sleek On-Board Design
Remote LCD Display
Three Mode Operation
120VAC (100-130VAC) / 230VAC (180 -240VAC) AC Input


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