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Welcome To The Dealer Platform
Welcome To The Dealer Platform


Deaf Bonce

Deaf Bonce combines powerful speakers, motor, and the most lightweight moving system allows you to maintain high control over the speaker and consequently get the highest detailed sound reproduction at any volume. Feel the power of the new bass! Literally, we have changed every knot of our subwoofer, starting from the appearance, and finishing with the improvement of all its technical specifications.

Deaf Bonce has upped the game producing subs where the peak power has grown to the crazy numbers of 20,000 watts. Having absorbed the best engineering solutions, this subwoofers series are able to show incredible results where others will go into silence... Double-spaced Nomex centering spiders with a silicone spacer to prevent wear and loss of rigidity of the spiders. (made in USA). All with high overload capacity.