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DS18 10" 1000 Watts High Excursion Subwoofer Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm GEN-XX10.4DHE

by DS18
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DS18 10" 1000 Watts High Excursion Subwoofer Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm GEN-XX10.4DHE

The high excursion is now the mainstream and usually, this feature is very expensive and enthusiasts sometimes miss out on amazing bass because of the large cost. We want to bring the experience of low-frequency bass to even the entry-level user. The GEN-XX10.4DHE is the answer to that issue. This subwoofer is a mid-tier addition that comes in at an amazing price point while getting all those features other much more expensive high excursion subs to come with. Also, with a power rating of 500w RMS and 1000w Max, this sub does not require large amounts of power to come alive and beat up the block.

This Listing Includes:
(1) Subwoofer

- High Excursion surround for a very high amount of Xmax.
- Great power handling of 500w RMS and 1000w max.
- Long three voice coil and extended magnet to accommodate the Xmax increase.
- FS of 30 Hz so you can easily dip in the subsonic range with no issues along as your box is tuned correctly.

Nominal Diameter: 10"
Nominal Impedance: 4+4 ohms
RMS Power Handling: 500W
MAX Power Handling: 1000W
Sensitivity (1w/1m): 84.6
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 1.1KHz
Recommended Lo Pass Crossover: 90Hz
VC Diameter: 2"
VC Former Material: Black Aluminum
Winding Material: SV
Cone Material: Paper
Dust Cap Material: PPI
Surround Material: Foam
Basket Material: Steel
Basket Color/Finish: Glossy Red
Magnet Material: Ferrite
Magnet Weight: 136 Oz
Displacement Volume: 1.82L
Equivalent Vol: Vas 16.583L
Excursion (one way): Xmax 25 mm
Free Air Resonance: Fs 37.6 Hz
Mechanical Factor: Qms 3.991
Electrical Factor: Qes 0.476
Total Factor: Qts 0.432
Moving Mass: Mms 166.794g
Compliance: Cms 0.107mm/N
Bl Factor: BL 23.041N/A
VC Inductance: Le 0.6741mH
Diaphragm Area: Sd 330.64cm2
Dc Resistance: Re 3.2+3.2 ohms
Efficiency Bandwidth Product: EBP 78.99

Overall Diameter : 10.28" / 261 mm
Overall Depth: 7.21" / 183 mm
Front Mount Baffle Cutout: 9.14" / 232 mm
Mounting Depth : 6.15" / 156mm
Motor Diameter: 6.15" / 156mm

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